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Brushing out tangled hair shouldn’t be painful nor damaging. We make it easier with our Silkwave Miracle Brush, which gently detangles even the unruliest of hair. With flexible, two-tiered 100% nylon teeth and bristles, this brush will tame any hair type as painlessly as possible, while promoting blood circulation for healthier, shinier and softer hair every day and over time. The non-slip rubber grip is smooth and comfortable to handle for the ultimate hair-brushing experience.

Detangles in seconds

Shiny & silky smooth hair

Painless & damage free

Kind to wet & dry hair

Wireless & rechargeable

All hair types


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Silky mane for all hair type

Fine & Fragile

Does not break, brings volume & shine

Take the fear out of brushing your fine hair. Our Silkwave Non damaging + Quick Detangle Miracle Brush is 30% softer than regular hair brushes. Its two-tiered 100% nylon teeth and bristles glide over tangles and knots. Hair is quickly and gently detangled with reduced breakage for tangle-free, silky smooth hair.

Thick & Curly

Gently detangles in seconds

A real game-changer for difficult to style hair, our Silkwave Non damaging + Quick Detangle Miracle Brush is 30% softer than regular hair brush. Detangling wet or dry hair quickly and easily with its two-tiered 100% nylon teeth and bristles, it leaves curls totally tangle-free and super-defined in half the time than any other brushes. 

Why we love it

Leaves hair totally tangle-free and super defined

Perfect for all hair types

Two-tiered nylon teeth and bristle

Non-slip rubber grip, comfy to hold

Easy to clean, dries quickly


Once a month or so, shampoo your Miracle Brush to remove hair, dirt, oil and any built-up hair products.