Silkwave FAQ

Can my hair get caught in the curler?
The Silkwave has an anti-tangle system to prevent hair to get caught while in use. So if for any reason you took too much hair into the barrel, the system will shut off and immediately release the wick.

Are there any risks of damaging my hair?
No, the temperature setting between 150 and 200 degrees allows you to choose the best option for your hair, whether it is thin, coloured or fragile. Furthermore, the ionic ceramic technology offers an even heat distribution to protect the hair while reducing the application time.

What if I forget to turn off my Silkwave?
Don’t worry, the built-in auto-lock system will switch it off automatically after 10 minutes when not in use.

Can I use it on wet hair?
No, the Silkwave is meant to be use only on dry hair.

What is the capacity in use?
The battery operating time is 60 minutes when used at 180°C

How do I charge my Silkwave?
Simply plug your Micro USB cable to the Silkwave and connect it to your laptop, car, or any USB charger.