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Let’s not Judge, Just Compare The Silkwave Curler and The GHD

Gorgeous locks have made their way from the TV to become one of the biggest trends on the streets. No matter how big, small or remote the town, you can find voluminous curls around the clock. 

Women everywhere have realised the power of loose waves to tight curls. And those who style it flaunt it! From their daily grinds to a glass of bubbly amongst friends and potential catches, somehow bouncy curls hold an unstoppable secret.

No need to drool over anyone else's fabulous do. We're all women, and it's easy to feel jealousy creep up when others look better than us. 

No need to compare, ladies. Whether you have mid to long hair, thick or thin, you name it, you can get natural curls right away. You can have loose waves of your own. In fact, it is easier than it looks, and with the right curling tool, you too can feel the magic a great curl holds. 

Bet you didn't know curly hair is for everyone. So, let's find the best hair curler for your hair type and for which wave you want to achieve. 

How To Find the Best Curling Wand For You

Finding a great hair curler and wand is not as easy as it might initially seem.

So, avoid getting caught in an internet trap since scrolling through endless options leaves you feeling overwhelmed and done with curls even before attempting the look. 

Take a big breath and relax. Let's take it back a step and start with you. From the Silkwave Wireless Curler to the GHD Curve to the waving wand to whichever other creative curling wand on the table: You need to consider your features, hair type, length, and the kind of curl you want. And finally, your budget. 

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Of course, there are helpful hacks that can influence your choice, and it's good to be aware of them too. Apart from the obvious, here are some things to consider when you are in the market for the perfect hair curler and this classic style:

"I travel a lot, and even though I want flashy curls, there is never space in my luggage."

Solution: Wireless Hair Curler

"I have long hair, and my arm gets so numb halfway through, I leave curls all together."

Solution: A curler with a barrel chamber.

"My friends say there is no way to achieve the wavy look when you have a bob."

Solution: Get new friends – jokes. You just need the golden technique and curler with a smaller ceramic barrel. 

"I have thick hair. Do I even bother trying?" 

Solution: You need a curler that distributes heat evenly for consistent curls.

And the list goes on. 

The point is, somewhere out there, there is a curler for you. And it is even better to find a heated curler that can withstand the test of time and your hair crazes. 

What Is the Difference Between Ceramic and Titanium Hair Curlers? 

You do not need to be a hairstylist to get the frizz-free curls you are after. Margot Robbie, step aside, the new natural waves babe has arrived. 

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But to get the right curl for your hair and to stay in the running of A-lister glamorous curls, you need to understand the difference between ceramic and titanium curlers. They are both popular options among women of all ages, but they do have their pros and cons

The titanium curler is what you will commonly encounter at your local hairdresser. It requires a practised hand, and hairstylists often use these curling wands as they are styling hair all day long and against the ticking clock. 

They need curlers that will heat up quickly to reach the optimum temperature to leave their clients with bouncy curls. But it is not necessarily healthy for your hair over longer periods. Using a hot curler with a titanium barrel will cause heat damage if you use it from Monday to Friday. It is your quick fix if you are a pro at hot tools. 

Ceramic curlers are suited for all hair types but favour those who want to protect their hair in everyday use. Ceramic barrels distribute heat evenly and create negative ions that smoothen the cuticles for a silky finish and are, overall, less damaging. They are easy to use, and there are products in the market designed for a fast-paced life. 

If you want loose curls daily, it is best to consider your ceramic options. Ceramic curlers are much gentler than metal-based products. So, don't be fooled by the titanium-is-the-faster argument.

For the Ceramic Curler


  • Creates negative ions that reinforce shine and keep frizzy hair at bay
  • Long-lasting curls as a result
  • Gentle on the hair
  • Less damaging


  • Depending on where you look, it can be more expensive
  • Some products’ ceramic barrels are fragile

For the Titanium Curler


  • Polished finish
  • Durable
  • Quicker in heating up
  • Creates long-lasting curls


  • Heavy on the hair, more damaging
  • You need a practised hand


What to Look For When Buying Curling Tongs

Your search will start with what you can afford, but it is key to remember that you get what you pay for. 

A hair styling tool will be your friend for life, and therefore it is vital to choose a quality curler

4 questions you should remind yourself of when standing in front of the curling options are:

  • What material do you prefer?
  • What does my hair need? Think density, texture, state, length etc.
  • What inch barrel do my hair and preferred look require?
  • Can I control the temperature settings to get looser waves or tight curls? 

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You need to change things up as you wish, and your curler needs to join the conversation. So, whichever option you decide on, make sure it caters to your versatile life. 

The Silkwave Curler vs GHD Curve

GHDs have been in the market for a long time. Thinking back on it, as a girl hitting puberty, the GHD was on everybody's lips. 

Since the high school ups and downs, the world of beauty has taken a few strides to better hair care. GHDs are now amongst many who are racing for the best among curlers. 

They have lost their status, and influencers worldwide have adopted styling solutions that complement their lives better. 

It is a fast-paced world; baby and hair technology is keeping up the pace. 

With the rise of ceramic curlers, the barrel wand has taken the back seat. Our speedy lives require beach wave curls in minutes and without any struggle. 

Classic waves used to be a style you could only get in the salon. With heated curlers, you can now get the glamorous look from your home to your holiday house. 

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Let's compare the Silkwave curler and the GHD Curve and put the debate to rest. Our modern outlooks are asking for contemporary hair care. Here is how they equate. 


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All the facts in a nifty table:


Silkwave Curler

GHD Curve


Natural-looking curls to relaxed beach waves

Natural-looking curls to relaxed beach waves


Short and long hair 

Short and long hair 


Even heat distribution with Ionic Ceramic Coating

Patented tri-zone Technology ensures even temperature


6 heat settings 150-200°C (302-392°F)

> 185°C (365°F)


Put your hair in the barrel and leave according to the timer

You need to hold your hair on the barrel for 5-8 seconds


6 different timer settings

No timer


Ceramic coated barrel

Ceramic coated barrel


Pink with gold accents

Black with silver accents


Auto-lock system that powers off after 10 minutes

Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes



2.7m cable


Rechargeable, universal voltage, laptop or power bank

Universal voltage


Beginner to experience 

Need experience





There you go. Now you have a clear idea of what will work for your pocket against the products' benefits. 

Know your tools before you set out to curl. There are great tutorials and excellent tips all over the web to look after your mane. To style your hair with ease, be sure to:


  • Use a hair protection spray. Long or short cuts, adding temperature, requires you to take care of your hair. 
  • No head is the same. The right temperature settings will give you the look you want. 
  • Thin hair requires less heat than thick hair. 


These are some of the important know-how to incorporate into your styling routine. Hair hacks aside, let's get into the features of the Silkwave curler. 

What Are the Silkwave Curler Features?

The Silkwave Curler is a standout in the market at the moment. It is created for the independent woman who is constantly on the go to meetings, coffee dates, dinners, and the road. It moves with you wherever you are. 

Although the Silkwave and GHD curlers compare in a few categories on some levels, the biggest plus for the powerhouse woman is the wireless, rechargeable feature. It frees up the world of beauty, and now you can create perfect curls anywhere, anytime. 

Understanding the features of your hot tool is a must. So, let's get into the details of what to expect from your handy wireless stylist. 

Silkwave Curling tool’s features explained:

Anti-Tangle Technology

Messy locks do not mean the process of getting them needs to be a mess. The chamber, with its anti-tangle technology, will keep your hair nightmares at bay. The moment you put too much hair into the chamber, the barrel will stop and turn in the opposite direction to release the bulk of hair you accidentally inserted. 

Ionic Ceramic Coating

The Ionic Ceramic Coating technology ensures even heat distribution across the barrel and offers an added layer of protection. It releases negative ions that add the extra shine your curls want and keep them frizz-free from morning to the dance floor.

Auto-Lock System

The auto-lock system automatically powers off your curler after ten minutes of non-use. This means you can step out and smash the day without extra worry on your shoulders. Your shoulders just need to sport beautiful natural-looking waves. 

Heatproof Body

Forget about added extras like the protective glove. The Silkwave heatproof body is coated to keep your hand and fingers safe. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

6 Temperature Modes

Everyone's hair is different, and therefore finding the optimal temperature is crucial. Whether you are thinking of soft curls or flowing waves, you have 6 different temperatures to choose from displayed on the LCD screen. 

6 Timer Settings

Most curling tools require steel biceps as you have to hold each strand of hair as you curl it. Not the Silkwave. Our 6 timer settings make it easy to find the style you want – from 8 to 18 seconds. 

2 Direction Modes

If you don't know it yet, you are about to find out. Changing the direction when curling your hair is essential to achieve a natural look. The Silkwave boasts two-direction modes, left and right, to help you get the textured look. 

Cool tip: To highlight your facial features, curl the pieces of hair framing your face to the back. 


The Silkwave curler is wireless! You can pack up and take your bouncy waves on holiday whenever, wherever. Forget about bringing batteries along, the wireless curler is rechargeable, and all you need is your laptop or power bank. Yes, girl – you can now curl your hair straight from your handbag. Imagine that!

How to Use Your Silkwave Curler

Using the Silkwave curler is one of the easiest things in the world. In 5 simple steps, you will have the most glorious curls one can only dream of. 

Are you ready for the make-over of a lifetime in 5 easy steps?

Step 1 - Preparation Sets the Tone for Your Cosmic Curls

Give your hair a proper wash and condition, and dry it 100%. It is never good to use a hot tool on wet hair. Also, take your heat protectant spray and spritz it over it first.

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Step 2 - Section by Section

Section your hair into smaller pieces. You need to start curling the bottom layer closest to your neck. So, using a hair tie or clip, gather your hair at the top of your head while your heated tool is warming up. 

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Step 3 - Ready, Press, Curl

Starting at the bottom section of your hair, place a piece of hair into the barrel to start your curl journey. Create a pattern with each piece of hair. Curl one piece to the left, and the next to the right, and so on. By curling in a pattern, you will get pro curls in minutes.  

Step 4 - It’s About the Loop

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 all over your head. From the bottom to the top section, keep curling your hair in a pattern. 

Cool tip: Cup your curls with the palm of your hand as they come out of the heated barrel – just mind not to burn yourself. This will help them cool in the natural state and will ensure longer-lasting curls.

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Step 5 - Rock the World With Your Voracious, Frizz-Free Volume

You are ready for your social life! Lightly comb your curls out with your fingers, shake them loose and give them a spritz with your favourite holding spray to keep them in place throughout the day.

Image source: as that, you have effortless waves and more time to spend on the things that require your focus—haircare and superstar twirls without working up a sweat. 

Do You Have Any Other Questions? Our Ears are Open

It is better to ask now than regret it later. Our ears are open to any questions you may have. And if we don't cover them here, contact us, and we will help. We're a friendly bunch. 

Here are some of the FAQs to assist. 

How Do I Charge My Silkwave?

It is super easy. You can charge your Silkwave Curler in a few different ways. Did not pack the plug? No worries, you can plug the cable into your laptop or power bank too. 

Can I Use It on Wet Hair?

Although ceramic curlers are the better choice for healthier hair, using hot tools can be damaging. So to keep your hair in good condition for life, instead, do not use your curler on wet hair. It is not recommended at all. 

How Can I Choose the Direction of the Rotation?

You can choose the direction with the press of a button, and it will indicate on the LCD digital screen. 

What to Do Before I First Get My Silkwave?

Have you been dreaming about beach waves? Well, then why wait? There is no better time than now to get your Silkwave Curler. You need no experience whatsoever – the lust for wavy hair is enough. 

Can Hair Get Caught in the Curler?

No. Our anti-tangle technology will automatically stop the barrel and turn in the opposite direction to avoid messy situations altogether. 

Any Risks of Damaging My Hair?

Look, to be honest – using heated tools will always run the risk of damaging your hair in the long run. But by using the right products like a heat protectant spray prior and a ceramic-coated iron, you will maintain your healthy hair. 

What if I Forget to Turn Off My Silkwave?

The Silkwave Curler is a worry-free hot tool. The Auto-lock System will turn off after 10 minutes of non-use. So, you need not care for anything more than looking breathtaking. 

Win-Win the Beach Waves Look

You never have to envy another woman's hair ever again. No matter the style – from loose, luscious locks to tighter, bouncy waves – the look can be yours forever with the correct hair hacks and curler to match. 

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The beauty industry is loaded with false information and quick fixes that only harm. So, unpacking what you need to know and what tool will work best for your hair is a must. Instant gratification is a no-go, but time-saving solutions are welcome. 

The proper curler should assist you in your busy day, giving you extra time and a confidence boost. But as we discover, breaking through the clutter in the market can be a daunting task. That's why understanding the ins and outs of the products on the digital and actual shelves will get you and your hair in the spotlight. 

Don't be afraid to shine. The Silkwave Ceramic curler is by your side or in your handbag whenever you need it. You can now have the perfect curls anywhere, anytime. 

Not only have haircare technology developed, but ceramic curlers are also answering the needs of modern women. We understand the hustle and constant competition your life is asking from you. 

Whether you are a go-getter in business, a mother up-keeping a household, or want to impress and paint the town red, the Silkwave Curler is here to assist. It is light, portable, and handbag-friendly – making on the go curls a reality and touch-ups accessible. 

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Dreamy curls are waiting for you. Right here, right now – it is only a click away

Get your curls today and turn heads no matter the occasion.