Silkwave’s Guide To The PERFECT Summer Hair!

Summer is coming, and we’re not gonna spend it like last year: cooped up indoors, only getting dressed up to greet the Deliveroo driver. This year, we’re ready to say goodbye to the lockdown slump and hello to feeling ourselves in the sun!

And if you were stuck on how to treat your locks after months of messy buns, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are our tops tips for achieving the PERFECT summer hair:

Protect Your Locks

Let’s talk about hair health! Did you know that your hair can get heat damage from the sun? Just like your skin, your locks need to be protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays! 

Throughout the summer months, it’s super important to invest in a good heat protectant spray which is infused with SPF goodness and nourishing oils to combat this potential heat damage and preserve your hair’s natural glossiness! Plus, with the increase in hot weather affecting your locks, you should also be mindful of the hot styling tools you’re applying to your hair. You don’t want to frazzle your locks before the fun even begins!

Luckily, with the Silkwave’s ionic ceramic coating technology, you don’t have to worry about heat damage or losing any of that glossy goodness! Our automatic curling iron also comes with six different adjustable timer AND heat settings, meaning you can find the perfect setting for you even if your locks are a bit on the sensitive side.

Master The ‘Day-To-Night’ Styles

During the summer months, it can be hard to tell where the day ends and the night begins (not just because of the proseccos). And if you’re anything like us, you often lose track of time in the summer sun and wind up running late for your evening plans. 

This summer, be on top of your game with some go-to styles that’ll make that day-to-night transition simple, effortless, and super quick! Turn your sleek low bun into a flirty, textured pony with face-framing curls, or transform your simple middle-part into a full head of flawless curls. With the Silkwave’s automatic rotating barrel, you can transform your whole look in less than 10 MINUTES! Achieving glossy, dream curls has never been easier! 

Stay Prepared, Hun! 

Holidays abroad may be cancelled, but who says you can’t have some summer fun at home? So whether you’ve got a staycation booked or plans to enjoy the summer from your local beer garden, it doesn’t hurt to always be prepared. 

The Silkwave is both portable and compact so you can pop it in your handbag with your other summer essentials and stay selfie ready all day long. Wherever you go, whatever your plans, you’ll be able to freshen up your curls in no time! 

No plug? No problem. Just turn on your rechargeable hair curler and enjoy cordless curling on-the-go with Silkwave. Plus, with the Silkwave’s safety functions, such as the heatproof coating or automatic shutdown setting, you can pop your trusty hair curlers into your bag after curling with no problems!

Now that you’ve heard our expert summer styling tips, it’s time for you to enjoy your summer knowing that you’ll be rocking curls which are fresh, glossy, and gorgeous all season long!