Introducing the Revolution of Looking Good in No Time – The Automatic Hair Curler

Introducing the Revolution of Looking Good in No Time – The Automatic Hair Curler

Getting out of bed without the sweet aroma of coffee brewing is tough. Well, so is getting your bouncy curls without an automatic curler. 

Not all of us are natural-born hairstylists who have beautiful beach waves to show off from café to salad bar with a flick of a wrist. Oh no. For most of us, a hot tool in hand means frustrating, a few burns, tired biceps, and nightmare twists and turns resembling anything but curls. 

And with everything at our fingertips, we want quick fixes and tips that can get us what we want, any time of day. Yep, our haircare routine included. 

The modern woman wants to look fabulous without wasting time. Running around from meeting to meeting is taxing. As such, avoid the pitfall of getting out of bed with the wrong foot. At the same time, your struggle with your flat hair should be the last thing to cause a wonderful day chucked to the dogs. 

Introducing the revolution of looking good in no time: The automatic hair curler. 

Automatic hair curlers are a blessing to all women. Within minutes you will have a wavy look you desire. No hassle, just soft waves all day long. 

Let's have a peek into the ins and outs of the automatic hair curler. We will cover everything you need to meet in your curls' as well as an easy but effective styling journey. 

What Is an Automatic Hair Curler?

Forget about skills. With an automatic curler, you almost don't need any know-how, expert skill, or even worry that you will do it wrong. It's a hot tool that requires only you and your lust for beautiful curls. 

Automatic hair curlers are the solution for women who struggle with curling tongs, wands, rotating curling iron, flat irons, or other hot tools. It is a hair curler that will, in a few easy steps, curl your hair - almost automatically, enabling you to achieve salon-quality, defined curls at home. 

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Automatic curlers are easy to use, practical, and saves you the hassle any other styling tool requires. 

Hands-down, they are a must for the woman on the go.

Do Automatic Curlers Work?

Yes, automatic curlers work indeed, and gosh! Almost too well. 

No matter the time of day or where you're headed – the automatic hair curler is a lifesaver to those with thick hair or thin hair. It is a quick solution for any hair type or style to a paradise of curls. 

Styling hair has never been such a pleasure. By putting a piece of hair into the curling chamber, pulling down lightly, you will see beautiful curls like never before. How awesome is that?

Should I Use an Automatic Curler?

Consider the following 6 questions:  

  • Are you always busy, running around to coffee dates barely getting time to Insta your drip? 
  • Do you struggle to use other hot tools? 
  • Do you burn yourself every time you try to curl your hair? 
  • Are you always late because of your hair routine? 
  • Do you want curls that are easy to style and last the entire day? 
  • Do you want to look fabulous from head to toe? 


Did you answer positively to most of them? If so, then you are in luck, plus in need of an automatic curler. Automatic curlers speed up everything. And they save you the arm trouble, all while making it easy to achieve precise curls across your entire head. Even the back bit where other curlers require some acrobatics to get it done. You know what we're talking about. 

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Automatic curlers are designed to assist the modern woman in her beauty routine. We constantly see the world of beauty evolve, and the automatic curler is an innovation we welcome with open arms. 

How to Use an Automatic Hair Curler

Listen: Toss practice makes it easy out of your vocabulary. The automatic hair curler is made for everyone and will turn you into a big-bad curl machine! 

Your beach wave bounce is minutes away in 5 straightforward steps. 

Preparation is Key

For starters, brush your hair before you start after washing and drying. Not after. 

Before anything, you need to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray. This is essential, mind you! It keeps heat damage at bay and helps to maintain frizz-free curls when you are finished styling. Sure, automatic curlers with a ceramic barrel are much less damaging to your hair, but it is best to practice good hair care when using styling tools in the long run. 

While prepping, switch on your curler to heat your iron.

Take it Piece-by-Piece

Using a clip or hair tie, section your hair by clipping the bulk of your pre-curl locks to the top of your head. If you have thick, long hair, you will have more sections. Section your hair as you wish. Why? Because you need to feel comfortable and happy with the final product. 

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Ready, Press, Curl

Starting at the bottom section, place a piece of your hair into the curling iron—one piece to the left, the other to the right. And bit by bit, continue right around your head. Remember to alternate the direction of the barrel as you curl. 

Top Tip: Curl the pieces of hair framing your face to the back, away from your face. This will accentuate your features. 

From Barrel to Beauty, And Repeat

Repeat these steps until you have curled every strand of hair on your head. 

Spritz, Spritz, Spectacular

Take your fingers and finger comb through your curls to loosen them up a little. Now, for a fuller, more textured look keeping your new waves intact, spray with your favourite light holding or salt spray. Not only will you be a happy lady with lush locks from the morning to evening, but it also keeps the frizz in order throughout the day. 

There you go. You are ready to mingle!

Helpful Tips if You Never Used an Automatic Hair Curler Before

Our tips are going to be few and far between. Why? We aren't trying to be cheeky about it. On the contrary, it is because, in all honesty, the automatic curler is just so simple to use. 

But OK, let's nit-pick a little. Just ensure you achieve the best curls from the get go. 

Here is a sprinkle of tips if you are entirely new to the trend of loose waves and heat styling. 

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Make Your Curling Iron Your BFF

Understanding the ins and outs of your curling tool will make your life and curly outlook a breeze—research ways to use it. There are several in-depth tutorials online that will help you know the product of your choice. You will also discover a world of hair hacks that you never knew existed. Use the time you save with an automatic curler to add trendy tricks to your long-lasting curling routine. 

Long to Short Hair – TLC Is a Must

Curling and high temperatures put a lot of strain on all types of hair. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of your hair before styling. Dry your hair thoroughly after washing and use a heat protectant spray before putting your delicate strands in the heated barrel. On top of this, check if you have the right product in hand; applying hairspray before curling will dry out your hair. It is best to leave holding sprays till last. 

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

Heat matters. Be careful when applying temperature to your hair routine. Check your curler's temperature settings before you start and make sure it is suitable for your hair. One great thing about the automatic options is they prevent unwanted burns. There are also products on the market that incorporate heat settings to suit different hair types.

All hair differs, so use this temperature range to guide your heat settings. 

  • If you have fine or damaged hair: 150-180° C (302-356° F)
  • For general, healthy hair: 180-200° C (356-392° F)
  • Thick hair will require a tad more: 200° C (392° F)


How to Hold Your Curling Tool

How you hold your curler varies from tool to tool. In every case, you should know how to grip your styling tool and where to insert each section of hair before applying heat. We presume you do not want to bid goodbye to your head of hair, right? So, try and get the movement down before heating up your curler. 

Cool and Steady Curls

When curls cool down in their natural state, they will last longer. Hence, to protect your all-day look, when your curly lock comes out of the heated barrel, cup it in your hand, and let it cool in its shape. Just mind that you do not burn yourself. And do not play with your curls mid-way through. Wait until the end before finger-combing them loose. 

Now that you've got a handle on the tips and tricks of the soft curls, it is time to get your automatic curler. The options are plenty, but we can recommend a definite one. 

We should all learn to be a little less modest. What do you think?

Why You Should Choose The Silkwave Automatic Hair Curler

The Silkwave Automatic Hair Curler is a great option no matter your style. From tight curls to soft waves, the Silkwave Automatic Hair Curler will suit your playful side. 

Silkwave Automatic Hair Curler has a fantastic array of features. These features include:

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6 Temperature Modes

From 150-200° C  (302-356° F), we've got you covered. The Silkwave Automatic Hair Curler boasts different heat options for any hair type to achieve curls dreams. Your hair will require a different heat setting depending on the style you want to create. For looser curls, a lower temperature is advised, and for tighter curls, you might want to kick it up a notch. 

6 Timer Settings

Create exact curls with our nifty timer settings. From 8 to 18 seconds, the longer you wait, the curlier it gets. Perfect! 

Always By Your Side

The Silkwave Automatic Curler is portable and completely automatic, dishing up soft, bouncy, all-day-long curls to the independent, modern woman. You can get a-lister curls any time, anywhere. The Silkwave Automatic Curler is compact and will accompany you wherever the road takes you.

Ionic Ceramic Coating

The Ionic ceramic coating technology provides better heat distribution and prevents damage to all hair types, even fragile, fine, or colour-treated hair. 

Anti-Tangle Technology

You need no skills to use the Silkwave Automatic curler to get funky-fresh waves. This is because it has an anti-tangle protector to give you messy curls without any mess. The automatic rotation system avoids tangling hair when put into the curler incorrectly. If you insert too much hair in the barrel, it will automatically stop and reverse, taking the worry out of all things curling. 

Auto-Lock System

There's no reason to be paranoid about the Silkwave Automatic Curler. It has an auto-lock system that will switch the device off automatically after 10 minutes.

Heat Proof Body

We take your safety and comfort seriously. The holder of the ceramic barrel is coated and will not burn your hand or skin. 

Two Direction Modes

Using a forward and backward pattern when curling your hair is a top hack to Hollywood beach waves. So, our automatic curler has a left and right setting for you to add more drama by mixing the direction strand by strand. 

There you go. All the reasons why we think you should consider the Silkwave Automatic Curler. It is almost a no-brainer if you look at all the benefits and features. But hey, it's up to you.

Just know, we are confident you will turn heads with your wavy look using this ceramic curler. It gives you everyday, timeless curls. 

What Are You Waiting For?

There are many options on the market, some easier than others. But no matter which curler you choose to add to your hair hustle, make sure you understand the pros and cons of each hot tool. 

Making mistakes is part of life and definitely of creating wavy hair, but certain hot curlers just add rhythm to your day. Step away from options that damage your hair and make life more difficult. It is the haircare revolution, and your hot tool needs to keep up with the times. 

An automatic curler, like the Silkwave Automatic, will give you textured curls in minutes. Looking beautiful should be accessible, and that is exactly what we aim to do. 

So, shop the Silkwave Automatic Curler today, and paint the town curly just the way you want.

Silkwave is the number one wireless and completely automatic curler for achieving an outstanding hairstyle in under 10 minutes. Suitable for all hair types and lengths, choose your timer and temperature setting to create perfect curls exactly as you want them.