How To Get Wavy Hair, For All Hair Types and Lengths | Silkwave™

How To Get Wavy Hair | Silkwave™

Let's be honest – we all want wavy hair. It is lush and a definite showstopper on the street. And now, while a mask is a must, you want your beachy locks to get heads turning. 

Come summer or winter, a beautiful head of curly effortlessness is the dream and will probably never be out of style. If only superb style was your biggest worry. On most days, getting perfect, A-lister curls do not agree with timings. 

"Sorry, I am curler just took a little longer than expected," is an excuse that should rather stay in the clutch. 

Yes, we have turned into busy bees. We work around the clock, and finding ways to complete the look isn't as easy as it seems. Or is it?

Long or short hair, there are many secrets on the market for your head to welcome those beautifully bouncy, loose waves. Even compact, wireless options are available, like Silkwave, our wireless and automatic curler that achieves a great hairstyle in under 10 minutes. 

The point is you can take the effort out of picture-perfect curls, and thank goodness for that. Whatever your preference, or hair type, this article uncovers how to get perfect, irresistible beachy waves. 

How Can I Get My Hair Wavy?

Styling tricks and pics aside, there are many ways to turn your flat everyday look into the breezy, soft curl crop you always wanted. Whether you use a curling tool or not, there is a method for your mane.

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Wavy hair has a ripple-like pattern texture, and to each head of hair, the process of getting there is slightly different. The top contenders are:

  • The Curling Tong
  • The Flat Iron
  • The Sleep-in Braid
  • The Hair Doughnut


The Curling Tong

If you were born with poker-face-straight hair, don't worry, the curling iron is near. And there are some fantastic choices on the market. From titanium options to ceramic curlers, beach waves are on your hair's doorstep. Getting textured hair with a curling tool is a million times easier than a flat iron. So, we highly recommend getting a small barrel curling iron

The Flat Iron

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The flat iron is a touch more tricky, and you need a practised hand to get the beachy waves you are after. It is easy to get frustrated with a flat iron as the technique takes time to get used to. We've all seen videos of women burning off a section of hair. So, be extra careful if you are inexperienced with the classic flat iron. Keep the iron moving to avoid extra drama. 

The Sleep-in Braid

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The sleep-in braid is an easy-peasy, natural hair hack for those with longer, thick hair. It is hassle-free and heat-free, and all you have to do in the morning alongside your coffee is to undo your bed-braid. Welcome natural waves! Tame the frizzy bits with good hair oil. 

The most important rule with the Sleep-in Braid is damp hair when braiding is a must, and in the morning, do not brush. And, of course, a little hairspray won't hurt your fresh textured waves, either.

The Hair Doughnut

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A hair doughnut is another excellent option for professional women on the go. Keep things tight and business-savvy during the day, and step into the night with natural texture by simply loosening your day-do. It is a manageable, transitional style to give you goddess curls after 5. Just remember to pop a light hairspray into your bag to spritz your locks and keep them in place. 

Gorgeous Waves, Anyway You Wish

These are all great options for creating your trendy waves, but there are also other things to consider. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner makes a big difference. It is a delicate balance between hydration and definition. After spending time on getting your curls, you want them to stay put. Here are some of the best products to incorporate into your hair care routine. 

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Step One To Wavy Hair – Find the Haircare Products

Shampoo routines and what works for your hair best differs. It is a matter of knowing your hair type and ultimately keeping hair moist and healthy. Curling puts a lot of strain on the condition of your hair, and it is therefore key to get a product that supports your waves from the beginning. 

According to, the following are the 3 top shampoos on the market right now:

The Right Shampoo for Textured Hair

AG Hair Natural Balance Shampoo, Apple Side Vinegar


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2. Ouidad Curl Shaper Good as New Moisture Restoring Shampoo

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3. DevaCurl No-Poo Original Zero Lather Cleanser


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Top it Off with the Correct Conditioner

Shampoo routines and what works for your hair best differs. It is a matter of knowing your hair type and ultimately keeping hair moist and healthy. Curling puts a lot of strain on the condition of your hair, and it is therefore key to get a product that supports your waves from the beginning. 

According to, the following are the 3 top shampoos on the market right now:

Deva Curl One Condition Decadence Ultra-Moisturising Milk Conditioner

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2. Dizziak Deep Conditioner 

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3. Oribe Intense Conditioner for Moisture & Control 

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How to Get Short Hair Wavy

If you are thinking your hair is too short for the wavy look, stop right there. Yes, if you have a pixie or bowl cut, it won't happen. But anything longer than that – a short bob or lob will be just fine. 

Chloe Brown has guided millions in her online tutorial. We've gone ahead and summarised the facts in a short step-by-step guide to get your shortcut into an undone tussled delight. 

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A Short Wavy Hair Feast in 10 Steps

  1. Use a one-inch curling iron, or instead, our Silkwave hair curler
  2. Start with sections of hair by tying most of the top chunk of your hair up. Leaving the bottom ring of hair. 
  3. Curl the bottom section back and forth, back and forth, to create some movement – these bottom curls do not have to be perfect. They can be the looser waves.
  4. On the mid-section, with the first piece of hair framing your face. Use your heat tool at an angle, pull it back and keep curling to the end. 
  5. For the rest of the mid-section, you will work with a curling pattern. Curl the second piece of hair towards your face, turning the barrel and releasing it as you pull down. When you get to the third piece, you will curl to the back again. And so on. 
  6. Continue doing this all around your head. Make sure you curl both of the pieces of hair framing your face to the back. 
  7. For the next section, do the same but keep it closer to the root this time. 
  8. On the final layer, repeat the pattern one last time, ensuring you stay close to the roots. 
  9. Now, your curls will look a little tight but don't worry. Spritz your new curls with light holding hairspray.
  10. To finalise the look, shake out your roots lightly with a gentle finger comb, and give it another spritz with firm-hold hairspray. Did we mention we are big fans of salt spray? 


Voilà, your messy waves are ready to impress.   

How to Get Long Wavy Hair

Ladies, if you have long hair – you are in luck. The most popular among women at the moment are the curling iron and sleep-in braid. There are plenty more options to choose from, but we decided to highlight two. 

Again, you can watch many tutorials. But we did you a favour by sieving through them all, concluded in our summarised step guide. Let's start with the curling iron. 

How To Get Long Wavy Hair in 8 Steps

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  1. Brush out your hair. Either you are using a wide-tooth comb or a large round brush. 
  2. After, use heat protectant spray before applying heat to your hair. 
  3. Take a clip, section off your hair by tying the bulk to the top of your head. 
  4. Curling your hair in a pattern – a piece curled to the front and every second piece curled to the back – take your heat tool or Silkwave Hair Curler and start halfway down. Depending on the length of your hair, this will help maintain the free, loose waves look. Repeat right around. 
  5. Repeat the same steps on the next section of hair with your curling iron. 
  6. Keep curling your hair in the advised pattern until done. 
  7. Once you have curled all your hair, take your fingertips and shake them out. 
  8. Use the product of your choice to ensure your hair stays bouncy throughout the day. We recommend a light holding spray or sea salt spray. 


There you go; you now have beachy hair!

How To Get Long Wavy Hair With the Sleep-in Braid in 10 Easy Steps

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  1. After washing your hair, let it dry to more or less 90% dry. 
  2. Throw your clean hair forward and bring it together in the middle of your head – like you would do to tie a high ponytail.
  3. Start making your braid, but keep it loose on your head. That will ensure you keep the volume you want. 
  4. Braid normally. 
  5. Use a hair tie to tie the braid a few centimetres from the bottom. This will avoid frizzy ends when you untie the braid in the morning.  
  6. Lift your head. You will have a bubble at the back, but that is what it should look like. 
  7. Go to bed and get your beauty sleep.
  8. In the morning, untie your braid, but do it carefully. You do not want to frizz your hair. 
  9. Shake the curls loose with your fingertips. A finger comb should be enough. 
  10. Use a salt spray, shine spray, or product of your choice to keep your curls from work to play. 


Gorgeous, overnight waves are a sneaky hair hack for women with long hair. 

What Are the Best Wavy Hairstyles?

Do awful beachy wave hairstyles exist? In our opinion, no matter the style, soft waves always look fabulous. Naturally, everyone will have their favourites. From the beachy-long-haired craze to the kinky-lob-attitude – there is a style to match your face.  

Experiment and see what works best for you. 

Suppose we take the red carpet as an indicator. Celebrity hairstylist creating stars in every man and woman's eyes, Renato Campora, has nailed Hollywood waves. From Margot Robbie to Amanda Seyfried and everyone in-between, he has created a forever trend. And we don't mind.  

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Should I Use a Ceramic or Titanium Curling Iron for The Best Wavy Hair Results? 

Curling your hair with hot tools should always be used with caution. And depending on what type of hair you have, both the Ceramic and Titanium curlers have pros and cons

The titanium curler might have been around for years, but it increases the risk of hair damage. It is designed to heat up fast, and if not paired with the correct products, your wavering waves will quickly brittle away. As a beginner, a titanium curler can test your patients and biceps. 

That is why many now believe that a ceramic curler, with even heat distribution, is what women need in their day-to-day lives, especially if they want to wear the look from Monday to Friday. Ceramic curlers create negative ions that smoothen the cuticles for a silky finish and are, overall, less damaging.  

But Aren't Heat-free Options Still Better Than Ceramic Curlers? 

Heat-free options will always win, but it does not mean you should avoid all curlers like the devil. Embrace hair hacks and the suitable curling tong, and you will be fine. 

Ceramic curlers are much gentler than metal-based curlers. And with options like the Silkwave hair curler on the market, you get faster results in under 10 minutes. Plus, the ruler is entirely safe to use and has an auto-lock system. 

Loose Waves for Everyone

At first glance, the eye-catching, beach waves look like much more work than it is. A few simple steps complemented with good hair products, and you are set. 

The secret about beachy waves is that it suits any face, age and hair types. So, whether you are on the move, boss lady, or want to dress up for a date, loose curls are easy to achieve any time of the day. Yes, any time of the day. The rest is up to you. 

No, no. You don't need to squeeze your curler in your already too small bag to keep up the loose waves. Silkwave is a wireless ceramic curler climbing the ladder with you. Visit our website to learn more.

Time to curl up, step out, and never goodbye your gorgeous waves again.