Cordless Hair Curlers – A Blessing for Women on the Go

Cordless Hair Curlers – A Blessing for Women on the Go

Life has perks. And they often take us on a trip away from our homely comforts.

There is nothing better than slipping away on a business trip and sipping a cocktail while attending an online meeting poolside. Or taking a week off before your best friend's wedding because you will never get the chance to see Bali again. You deserve it! 

So, you get packing, deciding what to take and what to leave. Bikini is a definite yes, need to show off the new HIIT bod. Heels, gown, make-up, sunhat, day and evening wear, the perfect dress, and of course, the curling iron. Minutes later, you are on your bag, squishing it close with your butt, contesting not to strip the zip. 

Urgh! More things need to stay behind. A good rule is to pack everything, split it in half, and then split it again - that is what you will most probably need and wear. "50%, split and split! You must be mad!" Now the curling iron with its clumsy wires is also popping out on the sides. And it's too much bulk for the already oversized handbag too. 

You can't leave your A-lister waves behind. Not even to Bali – beach waves are one thing, but no ocean can give you the starstruck curls your hot tool can.  

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So, what can you do?

A wireless hair curler is what you need! Forget about lousy batteries, not getting to the preferred temperatures, or any other nonsense. The Silkwave Wireless Hair Curler is your shiny, cordless knight ready to go with you wherever you're headed. Oh yes, plan that trip – your perfect curls are coming with you. 

What Is a Wireless Hair Curler?

It is your curling friend without the strings. Quite literally. 

A wireless hair curler is the revolution of hair products. It is the new-age way of doing things – without wires. This means you can now style your hair anywhere, any time. It is a fully charged solution for women on the go. It is portable and rechargeable. Small and compact. 

The beauty industry moves fast, and we are keeping up. The Silkwave Wireless Hair Curler is a first of its kind and a top contender in many categories. 

Do Wireless Hair Curlers Work?

Not all cordless hair curlers are great, however, as some miss the pot entirely. 

Let's paint a picture: 

It's Friday night. You're getting ready for your handsome date a little too late. A quick pre-drink for the nerves and to let the girls know of the upcoming smooch was necessary. And so, you remind yourself it's expected to be fashionably late as you prep your hair and curler. You place the first piece of hair in your no-name-brand wireless curling iron, and oh no! It is not hot enough. To put the cherry on top, the battery dies, and you still have half your head left to curl. It's a disaster!

Yep, some cordless hair curlers are really subpar. But, don't fret. Other products on the market are nothing like that.   

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A quality wireless curler works perfectly every time, making your life easier. It moves with you and does not rely on a battery-powered system. Hair tech has evolved, and with ionic ceramic barrels, heat is distributed evenly. At the same time, it is also energy sufficient. It has different heat and timer settings to suit your needs, hairstyle, and hair type. 

Need we say more?

Haircare is stepping up! The wireless hair curler has arrived, and it's here to give you loose or tight curls, those beach wave dreams you always desired. 

Should I Use a Wireless Hair Curler or Not?

Do you want to be shackled to your bed-stand, knocking over your dust-collecting ornaments with every turn of the curl? Likewise, does being stuck close to a plug point while the girls are chatting away sound exciting? 

No, we're confident you don't want to be tied to the norms of conventional life. So, we say YES to wireless hair curlers. 

The wireless hot tool is the future of hair care. Using a cordless hair curler has loads of benefits, and once you get one, you will never let it leave your side. It takes the effort out of your beauty routine and leaves you more time to reach your goals and ambitions.   

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A wireless hair curler is a product that suits the modern woman's lifestyle. An upgrade from your old routine is just what your locks need. 

What Are the Benefits of a Cordless Hair Curler?

Every cordless product differs. Hence, we set off to find the highlights of the new wireless beauties. Cordless hair curlers have the following benefits:

No Electricity, No Problem

Wireless hair curlers have a rechargeable battery and can last for hours with no power source required. There are some products you can even charge using your laptop and power bank. A neat option that comes in handy no matter the occasion. Spot the battery level on the LCD digital display and keep your styling worry in check.

Letting Loose

Don't let them tell you letting loose is always a bad thing. Probably the biggest advantage of the cordless hot tool is that it does as you say, whenever you say it. It allows you to curl your hair to achieve beautiful waves from your kitchen to your bedroom. 

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Every Area is a Curling Spot

The compact curler is easy to travel with. It fits into your luggage, and with wireless technology, you can curl in any spot you see fit. 

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Even though the cordless curler is a step up from what you used to know, the Silkwave Wireless Curler has so many pros, like:

6 Temperature Modes

Indicated in the LCD, you can set the temperature of your cordless hair curler from 150-200°C (212-302°F). Reach your textured look by choosing the setting that matches your hair type and desired style. 

6 Timer Settings

The longer you keep your hair in the barrel, the curlier the results. Whether you want loose or tight curls, you can set your cordless tool from 8 to 18 seconds with a timer that makes the beach wave craze a breeze.

Ionic Ceramic Coating

The Silkwave Wireless Curler's barrel in the curl chamber has an ionic coating, providing better heat distribution. At the same time, it prevents damage to all hair types, even fragile, fine, or colour-treated hair.  

Anti-Tangle Technology

Messy curls without the mess are what this means. The Silkwave Wireless Curler has been designed to protect your hair in any situation. Put too much hair into the curl chamber, and the curler will stop and reverse. 

Auto-Lock System

Our nifty auto-lock system will switch the device off automatically after 10 minutes—no need to turn around to double-check if you hit the off button. 

Heat Proof Body

The body is comfortable to hold and will protect you from heat and any unnecessary burns. 

Pick Your Curl Direction 

Achieving Hollywood locks means you need to stick to a curling pattern. Our wireless curler has a left and right setting suited for you to add more bounce by mixing the curl direction on every turn.

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Those were some great benefits. So, we better start telling you how to use the automatic curl machine now:  

Your Dream Curls Are Steps Away

Within minutes you will have a full head of wonder. No jokes. This is how easy it is with the Silkwave Wireless Curler to turn your dormant strands into a fairytale of bounce. 

The Better You Prep, the Better the Results

Brush or comb your hair after giving it a good wash and a proper dry. Grab your favourite heat protectant spray and give it a whiz all over. The ceramic barrel will look after your hair more than certain products on the market. 

That said, it is still recommended to use hair care products to avoid hair damage. Keeping your hair healthy with the right prep and products will have your natural-looking twirls sway day after day. 

Work Your Section Magic

Section your hair that works for you best. Clip or hair tie in hand, gather your hair on the top of your head, hit the start button, and let your wireless curler heat up.  

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Ready, Press, Curl

Starting at the section closest to your neck:

  1. Place a piece of hair in the heated barrel and curl into one direction.
  2. Take the next piece and curl in the other direction.
  3. Upkeep this pattern right around your head – curling the first piece to the back to frame your face. 


Round and Round We Go

This is what makes the cordless curler such fun. Put on your playlist groove, and while you repeat all the above heads across your whole head, section by section, you can work in a few moves warming up for the night ahead. 

Give It a Shake and Spritz to Stay

When your head is covered with beautiful waves, use your fingers to loosen the curls up. That will give you the flow you want. To keep these newfound curls in place and the frizz away, spritz it with a light-holding hairspray of your choice.

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Never Used a Wireless Hair Curler Before? Here Are Some Tips

Using a wireless curler is very similar to using any other hot tool. But there is always a first time. But, don't worry. The basics work the same. The only difference is you need to make sure it is charged. 

A good craftsman never blames his tools. So don't start pointing fingers. Here are short, powerful tips and instructions to include when you want to style your hair effortlessly:

  • Whether you have long or short hair, adding temperature will put a strain on your hair, so protect it with heat protectant spray.
  • All hair differs. Use the temperature setting to find what your hair needs. 
  • Thin hair requires less heat than thick hair. Remember that. 
  • Get to know your heat tool before you set sail. Practice while the barrel is still cold. 
  • Letting your curls cool down before handling it will have them last longer. 
  • Cup your curls in your hand as it comes out of the curler to have them cool in their shape. In fact, this works like a pro in your journey to perfection. Note not to burn yourself, though. 


If you still need hair hacks to achieve the wavy look, there are great tutorials online for short or long cuts. 

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Why Use The Silkwave Wireless Hair Curler? 

The Silkwave Wireless Hair Curler is the original fire starter in the trendy scene of beach waves. It is a no-fuss tool that makes women's time-consuming lives a little less stressful. And today, when half your money-maker is hidden under a mask, why not shake it up with a do that turns heads? 

This portable, easy-to-use curler will boost your confidence wherever life takes you.  

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Why are you still here? 

Go-Getter With the Hair and Auto Hair Curler That Says It All

Hair nightmares are a reality. Just think of how many times you left the hair stylist's seat feeling unsatisfied with the bob that he mistook for the lob. 

In a world full of empty promises, it is best to know you are covered with a product you can trust. The Silkwave Wireless Curler has your back in the big city when you need to make bold decisions. 

Go out there and shake things up - your curls will move with you. 

Put the bounce back in your step and hair today. Your cordless curler is waiting.